A1.  紅油豬耳朵絲                                $3.99

        Chili Pig Ears


A2.  香油豬耳朵絲                                $3.99

        Sesame Pig Ears


A3.  紅油醬肘子                                    $3.99

        Chili Pork Slices


A. 開胃小菜


A4.  香油醬肘子                                         $3.99

        Sesame Pork Slices


A5.  紅油涼拌黃瓜                                     $3.99

        Chili Cucumber


A6.  糖醋涼拌黃瓜                                     $3.99

        Sweet Vinegar Cucumber


A7.  皮蛋豆腐                                            $4.99

        Tofu with Preserved Egg


A8. 夫妻肺片                                             $5.99

       Spicy Sliced Beef


A9. 麻辣牛筋                                             $5.99

       Spicy Tendon

B. 經濟簡餐

Daily Special

附白飯與湯品 (dine-in only) | Served with white rice, and daily soup (dine-in only)


* Indicates Spicy Item

B1.  肉燥飯簡餐                                    $7.99

        Minced Pork Rice


B2.  香酥雞排簡餐                                $8.99

        Fried Chicken


B3.  照燒雞腿簡餐                                $9.99

        Teriyaki Chicken


4.  *辣味口水雞套餐                            $9.99

     *Spicy Chicken in Sesame Peanut

B5.  *雞飛兔跳咖喱飯簡餐                          $9.99

        *Chicken Curry Rice


B6.  紅燒豬腳簡餐                                     $10.99

       Braised Pork Hock


B7.  *紅燒牛肉簡餐                                   $10.99

        *Spicy Braised Beef Brisket


B8.  香菇仔排簡餐                                     $10.99

        Mushrooms Spareribs

B9.  好大雞排簡餐                                  $11.99

       Super Big Chicken Fillet


B10.  醋溜蝦仁簡餐                                $11.99

          Sweet and Sour Shrimp


B11.  香酥鍋巴魚簡餐                            $12.99

          Fried Sizzling Rice Fish Fillet



B12.  樟茶鴨肉簡餐                                $12.99

          Roasted Duck

C1.  肉燥湯麵                                       $8.99

        Minced Pork Noodle Soup


C2.  *香辣雞絲涼麵                             $8.99

       *Spicy Chicken Cold Noodles


C3.   乾拌麵                                          $8.99

        Minced Pork Noodle


C4. * 紅燒牛肉麵                                 $9.99

      *Braised Beef Noodle Soup


C5.  紅燒牛肉油豆腐細粉                   $10.99

        Beef Vermicelli Soup


C6.  紅燒牛肉湯湯餃                          $10.99

        Beef Broth Dumplings Soup

C.  麵點


C7.  香菇仔排麵                                         $9.99

        Mushrooms pork Ribs Noodle Soup


C8.  *紅油抄手 (10粒)                               $8.99

        Wontons in Chili Sauce (10)


C9.  五香牛肉捲餅                                    $9.99

       Roasted Beef Pan Cake Roll


C10.  燻鴨捲餅                                           $9.99

          Smokey Duck Pan Cake Roll


C11.  狗不理包子 (6粒)                             $9.99

          Steam Pork Buns  (6)


C12.  煎包(6顆)                                        $9.99

          Pan-Fried Hum Bow (6)

C13.  鍋貼 (10顆)                                      $9.99

          Pot stickers (10)



C14.  大腸麵線                                          $8.99


          Chitterlings Vermicelli


C15.  豬腳麵線                                          $9.99

          Pork Hock Vermicelli

C16.  台灣肉圓                                          $4.50

          Transparent Meatball Dumpling


C17.  台灣肉粽                                          $4.50

          Taiwan Bamboo Leaves Sticky Rice


S1. *黑胡椒鐵板麵                                     $9.99

       *Black Pepper Sizzling Noodles with Egg


S2. *黑胡椒鐵板豆腐                               $11.99

       *Black Pepper Sizzling Tofu


S3. *黑胡椒鐵板雞排                               $12.99

       *Black Pepper Sizzling Chicken


S4. *黑胡椒鐵板豬排                               $13.99

       *Black Pepper Sizzling Pork


S5. *黑胡椒鐵板魚排                              $14.99


        Black Pepper Sizzling Fish Fillet


S. 鐵板


S6.  蘑菇鐵板麵                                        $9.99

       Mushrooms Sizzling Noodles w/ Egg


S7.  蘑菇鐵板豆腐                                  $11.99

       Mushrooms Sizzling Tofu


S8.  蘑菇鐵板雞排                                  $12.99

       Mushrooms Sizzling  Chicken


S9.  蘑菇鐵板豬排                                  $13.99

       Mushrooms Sizzling Pork


S10.  蘑菇鐵板魚排                                  $14.99


          Mushrooms Sizzling Fish Fillet

S11.  鴛鴦鐵板麵                                        $9.99

          Half & Half Sizzling Noodles


S12.  鴛鴦鐵板豆腐                                  $11.99

          Half & Half Sizzling Tofu


S13.  鴛鴦鐵板雞排                                  $12.99

          Half & Half Sizzling Chicken


S14.  鴛鴦鐵板豬排                                  $13.99


       Half & Half Sizzling Pork Chop


S15. 鴛鴦鐵板魚排                                   $14.99


         Half & Half Sizzling Fish Fillet

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